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"I'll never have enough time to paint all the pictures I'd like to" - Norman Rockwell

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In Art Portfolio, students continue the development of their portfolios in preparation for college interviews, critiques, and scholarship opportunities.

The program emphasizes concept, composition and execution as students work to create professional-quality portfolios.

This course can be taken for up to two years and requires students to develop a series of works based on an in-depth study of a creative topic.


Students continue to focus on critical thinking and creative problem solving, but also have the unique challenge of learning how to develop their own artistic problems to solve.


Students who take this course either go on to study art at the college level or just love to create artwork at a high level.


Required Materials Include:

Drawing Pencils: Minimum Range of 4h - 4b
Sketchbook: 8.5 x 11, hardcover preferred
Erasers: Kneadable, Art Gum, Plastic, and Pink




I have high expectations for excellence in this course; therefore, the work that students create must consistently represent their best effort in the pursuit of improving their current level of ability.

Grading Policy:
At this point in their journey students have developed and honed their skill set and conceptual development strategies. All work created in this course will be evaluated based on what the student puts into it from an effort and development standpoint (100% Participation).