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Computer Generated Art

"It takes a tremendous amount of effort to make something look effortless "
- John Lasseter, CCO, Disney
/ / Pixar

CGA is a foundation course for computer generated design that focuses on current technology being utilized by professional artists in various commercial fields.

The goal of CGA is for students to gain an understanding of the important role that computer-based media plays in current occupational fields in visual art and their everyday lives

Software packages we will explore include:
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Painter

Required Materials Include:
Flash/ Jump drive: 2 gb suggested

Grading Policy:
All work will be assessed using rubrics designed with objective criteria and expectations.
The following are the specific weights for Computer Generated Art:

50% Studio Work:
These are the projects we will create in class

50% Participation:
How you use the time provided to create your best work