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2D Shapes Design

Using Adobe Illustrator students created designs inspired by a simple subject - shapes. The goal of this assignment is to achieve visual balance through the use of shape and color. Enjoy!

Cover Art by Joe Decker

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3D Shapes Design

Using Adobe Illustrator students added the elements of space and form to their work rooted in basic 3d shapes. The principle of balance is applied as students continue to explore composition in design.

Cover Art by Brittany Lanning

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First vector drawings

For this exercise students learned how to draw with the brush and pen tools in Adobe Illustrator. This is the first step in creating a graphic from an existing image and a fun process to work with.

Cover Art by Brittany Lanning

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Minimal animal vector designs

For this project students were challenged to create a design of an animal with an emphasis on geometric shapes and color scheme development.

Cover Art by Charlotte Redmond

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Vector Portrait Drawing

Students were given a limited color palette (6 colors) and had to focus on the complex organic shapes of the light and shadow regions to create these detailed vector portraits.

Cover Art by Calista Kulakowski

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Photoshop is a great program for image manipulation and is often used in design for imagery that uses gradient color. This project applies the mathematic concept of fractals into design - the students created intricate designs that were self-similar and seemingly infinite.

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Art History Portrait

Students studied the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo as they were assigned the task of creating self portraits using the repetition of objects to create the illusion of cohesive form. The results were stunning, funny, and unique.

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Collage Wallpaper

Here students learned the power of using original, found materials as textures in Photoshop as they created designs suitable for a computer desktop background based on a theme of their selection.

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This project is taylor-made for Adobe Photoshop and tasks the students with combining at least 3 unlike subjects into one cohesive image. Some are bizarre, some are funny, and some are just out there - but all of these students did a wonderful job of blending imagery in this piece.

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Public Awareness Poster

A public awareness design raises awareness for a topic that impacts a community. These designs are usually persuasive and are intended to raise consciousness.  Students created designs that intended to raise consciousness about a topic that affects a large group of people.

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Poster Design

Students were asked to design posters for our school's annual art show: Random Acts of Art. Each student chose an artist style to use in the design of the poster while including all of the critical information in a hierarchy of text. The results are stunning, current, and relevant.

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Word Illustration

Illustration is the art of visual storytelling. For this assignment students were asked to create a design that depicted a word showcasing its definition.

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Dream Event Poster

For this project students were challenged to create a poster design for an event that they would like to attend. This event could be actual or fabricated by the student and they were accountable for all of the particular information to promote this event.

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Lyric Quote Design

Students were challenged with describing a short passage of text in Adobe Illustrator. The goal of this assignment was to enhance the reading experience through appropriate use of typefaces and effective composition.

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digital animal paintings

For this project students were introduced to Corel Painter X, which is a drawing and painting emulator program which allows students to work with most art mediums digitally using tablets.

Cover Art by Gianna DaMico

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digital portraits inspired by artists

Students picked a well-known artist and were challenged to create a digital painting in the style of their chosen master using Corel Painter X.

Cover Art by Corey Bremer

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Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. Although it posed a challenge, students rose to the occasion to create some fun examples of infographics.

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