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Drawing and Painting 1

"Drawing is the basic function of art; a function of the artist that never stops"

Drawing 1 is designed to instill a strong basic vocabulary of techniques, terms, and materials. Line, value, perspective, and form are explored through observational drawings and in the first half of the course a wide variety of dry art media are explored. The emphasis of this course is to build skill competency while promoting individual growth and creativity.


Painting 1 gives students an introduction to painting materials and techniques. From mixing paints to applying brush strokes and brush care students will learn the essential skills necessary to paint while exploring art styles, cultures, and historical movements.

Projects include:
Still life studies, landscapes, portraits, conceptual work, historical studies, and work based on careers in art.


Required Materials Include:
Drawing Pencils: Minimum Ebony or 6B
Sketchbook: 8.5 x 11
Erasers: Kneadable, Art Gum, Plastic, and Pink

Grading Policy:
All work will be assessed using rubrics designed with objective criteria and expectations.

The following are the specific weights for Drawing & Painting 1:
40% Studio Work:
The actual works of art you create in this class
40% Participation:
How you use the time provided to create your best work
20% Sketchbooks:
Technical & conceptual development, drawing practice