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Students experimented with ink and watercolor techniques while developing a a balanced composition as they studied the form and texture of gourds.
Cover image by Mary Catherine Brady

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Skeleton drawing

Students were asked to take a photograph of a skeleton display that was composed using the rule of thirds. These charcoal drawings were created with high contrast with a minimum of 5 steps in value.
Cover image by Nicolette Morell

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Origami drawing

Students learned how to create their own origami through self-directed exploration then arranged their work with their tablemates into a still life. This lesson taught students how to create value using graphite, blending tortillions and paintbrushes while working both additively and subtractively.
Cover image by Dan Caverly

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The White Still Life Drawing

Rendering white objects is a challenge for many, but learning how to do it effectively is a great strategy for artists to create convincing images. In this problem students learned about color temperature and how to create value with color as it is absorbed by white objects.
Cover image by Natalie Ginther

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Masters remastered

This problem is all about color and rendering with colored pencils. Students select a master work from an artist we looked at in class and are challenged to alter the color scheme based on the 5 major types: Analogous, Complimentary, Monochromatic, Split-Complimentary, and Triadic. Cover image by Charles Nwugwo

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Animal Illustration

Drawing and Painting students are asked to find an image of an animal, crop it using the rule of thirds, and adjust the color of their subject using colored pencils. Students learned how to blend with markers as they created professional-quality illustrations.
Cover image by Michaela Malijan

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African Parks Project

Students were given an opportunity to create a work of art for the African Parks 500 Elephants project in order to help raise awareness for their cause. These ink drawings are intended to evoke emotion, capture personality and encourage conservation worldwide.
Cover image by Liv Wasnock

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Audubon Watercolor painting

Students viewed the work of John James Audubon and learned about his life's work in the
"Birds of America" series. They were then charged with creating a work of art showcasing a local animal or plant using the compositional cues of a white backdrop, positive and negative balance, and a point of emphasis based on the Rule of Thirds. Cover image by Zach Larche

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Lego Painting

Students were introduced to acrylic paint through this colorful, playful subject matter. The results allowed them to "build" upon their skill of drawing from direct observation while learning about some basics of acrylic painting. Cover image by Collin Faubel

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Landscape postcards

For this project students learned about acrylic painting techniques while creating a landscape painting inspired by vintage postcard designs. Students were asked to select a location and develop a tag line that they would later incorporate into their paintings using computers and Adobe Photoshop. Click here for examples