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Drawing and Painting 1 Sketchbooks

Current Assignment

Week 26: Things with Angles
This week I would like you to explore drawing things that have angles - anything goes!

Previous Assignments

Week 1 - Artistaday.com
Visit the website artistaday.com and find an artist you like from the archive. Using one page in your sketchbook write down the name of the artist, then print out an example of their work and paste it in your book.

Week 2- Contour Shoes (Due 9/19, 20)
Using an entire page in your sketchbook create contour drawings of 3 shoes. Please review the general sketchbook guidelines below for expectations. This should include interior AND exterior detail.

Week 3- Buttons (Due 9/26,27)
Draw an object that has 5 or more buttons using contour lines - no shading, use the entire page

Week 4- Breakfast with the Arts (Due 10/3, 4)
Draw 3 eggs in full value on one full page in your sketchbook ...AND... Find two artists from Artist a Day - choose a piece for each - print them out - and describe why you like them.  

Week 5 - Words and Value (Due 10/11, 12)

Create a full-value drawing using the whole page of an object or group of objects that starts with the letter of the word that you wrote on your sketchbook page.  

Week 6- Glass of Water (Due 10/17, 18)

Using an entire page in your sketchbook draw a glass of water - your glass MUST be clear and the liquid clear as well.

Full Value (shading), Full Detail (contour), Full Page (composition)

Week 7 - Crushed Can

Create a full value drawing of a crushed can in your sketchbook - you must use the entire page and a full range in value to receive full credit this time!

Week 9 - Final Inktober

Do one of the Inktober prompts in your sketchbook and enjoy yourself!

Week 11 - X-ray Vision

For this assignment you will create a skeleton for an object or fictitious character. Have fun with this one!

Week 14 - Plain White Tees

Do a rendering in your sketchbooks of a white t-shirt using whatever color medium you have available to you (no black and white). If you do not have a t-shirt you can use a pillow case or some other white piece of fabric

Week 15 - 'Tis the Season to be Sketching
Respond to the prompt above in your sketchbooks - have fun this week!

Week 16 - Artists with Animal Instincts
For this week's installment I would like you to find an artist from the web who uses animals in their work - please print two examples of their work and adhere them to a page in your sketchbook. You must include the artist's name and the url of their website - WELCOME BACK!

Second Semester:

Week 20 - Examples and Inspiration
Look at the work of Josh Keyes, Graeme Base, and Becci Crowe. Find at least 2 examples from each artist that you think are interesting and post images of them in your sketchbooks. Be sure to include the title of the work and describe what you like about the piece.

Week 21: Brainstorming By-product

Create a drawing in your sketchbook inspired by an idea from our brainstorming session in class.

Week 22: Animal Textures

Experiment working with animal textures in your sketchbook - Fill the page and have fun with this one - you must use at least 3 distinct textures on your page

Week 24 - Open Range

This is an opportunity for you to do any entry you like - just make sure you keep practicing and take advantage of this!

General Sketchbook Guidelines:

1. Use the entire page when working in your sketchbook. Pages with floating images will not be counted toward the completion of an assignment.

2. Sketchbook assignments do not have one right or wrong answer, just many possible solutions to a given problem. Each solution should be unique to your interpretation. The key to success is to make sure you meet all of the requirements given in the assignment sheet.

3. Always finish what you start, whether you like it or not. Don’t start a page and desert it. Go back to it later, change it, and make it into something.

4. NO CUTE, PRETTY, PRECIOUS, TRITE, or CLICHÉ IMAGES. This is a college level course. Express yourself! Find your voice; discover what it is you want to tell the world and then practice. Don’t expect to create a portfolio of pretty pictures to hang in your house.