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Drawing and Painting 2

"Drawing is a learnable, teachable skill" - Dr. Betty Edwards

Drawing & Painting 2 builds upon the knowledge acquired from Drawing & Painting I.

Students work with media at an advanced level (often getting to choose their medium) and are given more creative freedom as they begin to develop a college level portfolio. At this level, students are expected to apply what they've learned in previous courses in order to solve real-world creative problems.

Projects include:
Still life studies, landscapes, portraits, figure, conceptual work, historical studies, and work based on careers in art.

Required Materials Include:
Drawing Pencils: Minimum Range of 4h - 4b
Sketchbook: 8.5 x 11
Erasers: Kneadable, Art Gum, Plastic, and Pink


I have high expectations for excellence in this course;therefore, the work that students create must consistently represent their best effort in the pursuit of improving their current level of ability.


Grading Policy:
All work will be assessed using rubrics designed with objective criteria and expectations.

The following are the specific weights for Drawing & Painting 2:
40% Studio Work:
The actual works of art you create in this class
40% Participation:
How you use the time provided to create your best work
20% Sketchbooks:
Technical & conceptual development, drawing practice