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Panel Portrait

This lesson forces students to isolate facial features as they create a portrait inspired by comic book layout. Charcoal is used to demonstrate range in value and high contrast - two skills that are critical to creating quality works of art. Cover image by Brianna Hannan

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Color and Mood Portrait

Students were asked to create a portrait of a classmate that established a mood through the use of color and lighting. Colored pencils were used to render this work of art as students learned about mixing colors and working with color temperature. Cover image by Liv Wasnock

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trompe l'oeil still life

Students arrange a composition using predominantly flat items and must draw their subject to scale with as much detail as they can. My favorite part about this project is how every student, regardless of their technical level, is able to record more detail then they ever thought possible.
Cover image by Kathryn Westfall
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1Metallic Object painting

This is another textural problem with an emphasis on painting metallic objects. Students quickly learn that in order to make something look "metallic" they must first learn to see everything that the object is reflecting. The most successful outcomes are the ones that carefully reflect the surroundings. Cover image by Genevieve Gray
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Human's Impact on Landscape

In this classic landscape painting there was a simple twist added - students were required to show how humans have impacted the area in their painting. This piece was another media-driven problem where students were introduced to ink pencils and were given the option of mixing media with watercolors. Cover image by Alexa Ricci

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1Conceptual Food

This project puts a twist on the traditional still life, asking students to tell a story using food as subject matter. The students chose a title prior to composing their piece; themes were based off of food idioms that ranged from Death of a Salesman to A Twist of Lemon, with results ranging in style, approach, and execution. Cover image by Laura Broderick

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Glass Still Life

This piece is all about texture and composition as students are challenged to capture all of the subtle nuances of reflective surfaces. Students are permitted to choose their favorite color media and are required to apply one specific element of art and principle of design in their work.

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conceptual fruit

Similar to the Conceptual Food Project, in previous years students were limited to fruit as their subject matter and were given freedom to choose their medium. Yet another refreshing twist on the traditional still life.

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