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Drawing and Painting 2 Sketchbooks


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General Sketchbook Guidelines:

1. Use the entire page when working in your sketchbook. Pages with floating images will not be counted toward the completion of an assignment.

2. Sketchbook assignments do not have one right or wrong answer, just many possible solutions to a given problem. Each solution should be unique to your interpretation. The key to success is to make sure you meet all of the requirements given in the assignment sheet.

3. Always finish what you start, whether you like it or not. Don’t start a page and desert it. Go back to it later, change it, and make it into something.

4. NO CUTE, PRETTY, PRECIOUS, TRITE, or CLICHÉ IMAGES. This is a college level course. Express yourself! Find your voice; discover what it is you want to tell the world and then practice. Don’t expect to create a portfolio of pretty pictures to hang in your house.