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  Culture/ Contextual     

Which pages best demonstrate that you examined, analyzed and compared art from different cultures and periods of history and considered its meaning, purpose and function?

  Technical/ Process

Which pages best show your development of specific skills, techniques and processes when making and analyzing
images and artifacts?


Which of your pages best demonstrate coherent, focused and unique investigative strategies you employed when looking into visual qualities, ideas and their contexts. Which show that you considered alternative ideas and made
connections between ideas?

  Depth & Breadth

Which of your pages best show depth and breadth in the way you investigated your ideas and made connections between your work and the work of others? Which show the way you synthesized ideas and thoroughly explained the links you
saw between those ideas?


Which pages best demonstrate that you made effective and accurate use of the specialist vocabulary and terminology of the visual arts?

  Acknowledging Sources

Which pages will you choose that best provide evidence that you used a wide range of sources and consistently cited them, always acknowledging the work of others in your own investigative efforts?


Which pages best demonstrate that you presented your work effectively (in a clear, imaginative or appealing way) and that you applied critical observation, reflection and discrimination in your work?


Which of the pages in your book will provide the clearest examples of how your investigation workbook informed your studio works. That is, which pages should be included to give the examiners the very best indication of how you ideas for the studio work developed? It’s really important that all of your pages refer to the photographs in your booklet.